Priestess of the World Mother


Human Priestess


Yena is an old priestess who lives in a small remote cottage near Silver River. She is a powerful priestess of the Old Faith, specifically the World Mother, but lives as an unknown hermit in the countryside. She prays for good harvests for the nearby village, and occasionally helps them with their ailments.

One night, Tomin arrived at her door seeking shelter for the night. This she granted, and as a kind gesture he offered to fix her rotting door. The job grew to last a week, and she saw that it was not just the door that was fixed, but also Tomin’s patience and self-acceptance. After this, she revealed herself to Tomin, and taught him all that he needed to know to become a priest of the Old Gods. She gave him her staff, and told him that her time for adventuring is far past.

She pointed him in the direction of Ephram’s Fork, to investigate a plague that troubled the town.


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