Henrietta Ravensdotter

Fortune Teller & Spymaster


Henrietta is a large, dark-skinned Fortune Teller in Crossings. She is also a spymaster, collecting secrets that she sells and uses in her fortune tellings. Kit is one of her spies.

After their first adventure, Kit got in trouble whilst pickpocketing in crossings. He accidentally touched iron, and revealed his changeling form. Henrietta saw, and knowing how useful a changeling could be for her business, bribed the victim to save Kit. In return, she had him pay his debt to her as a spy, mostly learning gossip for her. As a final task, she asked him to steal a secret paper, which indicated that Grand Burgher Von Straufen was involved in some kind of corruption.

Henrietta sent to the party to Von Straufen’s masquerade to investigate his corruption. After the events of the Night of Masks transpired, she helped them escape the city.

Henrietta Ravensdotter

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