SotDL- Faith and Blood

Fool's Gold

The First Adventure!

The characters met when Kit needed to deliver a message in a neighbouring town. In the crowded marketplace in Crossings, Kit pickpocketed a dwarf named Randir and coaxed him into joining him. Tommin Welsh overheard Randir talking zealously about his faith, and joined the discussion. Eventually Randir got swept into his old ways as a preacher, and started to gather attention from the crowd, including the watchful eyes of the Inquisition. The group decided to get out of there and go have a nice cold pint at The Leaking Bucket Inn. Tommin explained to Randir that other faiths didn’t seem to be very accepted in this city, but that he was travelling to a shrine of the Old Faith not far from there. The two agreed to travel together, and to help Kit on his way to delivering his message. The group rested and left the city at dawn.

After a few days of adventuring, they came across an empty village and some Imperial Soldiers invited them over to their campfire. The soldiers had cooked a pig, and the party enjoyed some merry making until a distraught peasant man came over and wept over his dead pig. The soldiers began to gang up on him, telling him to leave, but Randir’s silver tongue and a few copper coins diffused the situation.

They took the peasant home and found out his name is Offal. He told them that the pigs are magic. The players looked around to find homes with pigs inside instead of people, and came upon the horrifying realisation that the pigs were cursed people. Offal told them how the villagers went to the Hog Hut and the piggy magic got them. They went to the Hog Hut to investigate, where they found a group of bandits outside. The group used a distraction to ambush and pick off some of the bandits, but things took a turn for the worse once they entered the cave. The bandits got the best of the group, and after knocking down Kit and Tommin, they forced Randir to surrender. He told them to take the key, but warned them that the treasure here could be cursed, turning people to pigs.

The bandits and the party used the key to enter the shrine. The walls were engraved with images of a gluttonous and lustful pig god with a love for gold. Statues of the same deity loomed over a large offering bowl. Upon inspection, the bowl was empty. The bandits, seeing that there was no treasure, decided to cut their losses and leave. After trying to talk to a pig, and inspecting the room, the group deduced that the villagers had stolen treasure from the lair, and had been transformed into pigs as punishment.

They made their way back to village, all very injured from their skirmish. They spoke to Offal, who revealed that he had hidden the treasure away. He retrieved it for them, but when the group told him they would leave with the treasure to the shrine, he became suspicious. Things escalated when Randir struck him with the back of his dagger. In the end, they decided to take all of the pigs and the gold to the shrine with Offal.

Upon doing so, all of the pigs transformed back into villagers. They blamed Offal for finding the Hog Hut, and threatened him, before heading out. After collecting a gift from the Pig god, the group set out to continue their journey, taking Offal with them to the next town.


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